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A camera is a living body of its own with different organs to function in different settings. Everything for the perfect shot.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to all the equipment that I use to create breathtaking and unique Gus Woltmann pictures.

Camera Bodies:
Primarily, I use the Canon 5D Mark III, be it for photography or cinematography. Accompanying it is my trusty Lumix GH4 to catch the uniqueness of things in slow motion whenever needed.

Prime Lenses:
Without prime lenses, it is just impossible to call a kit complete. Any passionate photographer will agree. Yes, I always call myself passionate. To meet this I bring into use Canon L Series 50mm f1.2, 85mm f1.2 and 135mm f1.2 lenses along with the Rokinon T1.5 Cine lenses which help me capture bright to light moments beautifully.

About Gus Hobbies & Interests

Gus Woltmann

Responsive image     Travelling:   Gus love to visit new places to explore them and capture anything that ‘clicks’ with his interest and creativity.

Responsive image     Music:    He love listening to music and even singing along.

Responsive image     Drawing:    In his free time, Gus like sketching and drawing anything that grabs his attention or that he envisage. Know more...


For aerial shots or tight spot shoots, I have a GoPro that can conjoin everything and makes my photography easy and spotless despite the challenges

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